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Help us Invest in Tomorrow!

We need to hear what you think!

D127: Investing in Tomorrow is a community-led engagement program to involve district residents in evaluating the district’s buildings and planning for the future. It’s a process being led by a group of community residents, parents, students, and staff. 

Our buildings belong to our community and we need your feedback on how we should improve them. This volunteer group has been charged by the Board of Education to 

  • Learn and understand the district’s educational objectives and how facilities currently support these goals

  • Engage the community and gather feedback to inform the planning and decision-making process

  • Report their findings back to the Board of Education

We expect to provide regular updates on the engagement program, open the doors to our facilities, and continue working with our community to set priorities. A report about what we heard from the community will be presented to the Board of Education in May 2024.

Thank you for participating in our Open Houses!

D127 Investing In Tomorrow held four, two-hour open houses where participants toured our high schools to see firsthand the learning challenges we are working to solve and learn more about proposed solutions and District finances. Over 100 attendees provided feedback that will be included in a series of recommendations to be presented to the Board of Education.

At District 127, we want our schools and classrooms to reflect our community’s values. You are an important part of our community, and your opinion matters as we set priorities as a district. More opportunities to share your thoughts to come!

Why is this happening now?

As maintenance costs mount and educational needs shift, important decisions must be made for both Grayslake Central and North High Schools. We are committed to seeking efficient, effective, and cost-conscious solutions; but we need your help. 

Your participation in our engagement program will help us identify what matters most to our community. Engagement events will allow you to get a first-hand look at our buildings and help us work to ensure our priorities reflect our community values as we provide all our students with an excellent education.

Who is on the Team?

Facilitating Team

Team members

Luciana Alanazi, Tracie Becker, Mike Blasevich, Rachel Burnette, Lora Ciferri, Amy Doyle, Stacy Gabanski, Greg Geiger, Dan Gonzalez, Chris Hoguet, Jeff Huck, Amy Knutson Strack, Meg Lopez, Margot Lyon, Jayashri Madan, Amy McLester, Amanda Nells, Douglas Nerge, Gaspare Pitrello, Hailey Ross, Abe Singh, Mikkel Storaasli, Randy Sweitzer, Micah Swigert, Dean Thorson, Jenny Utinans, Troy Whalen, Liz Wiczer, Karen Wilkes