AIM Progress Monitoring

As our interventions are data-driven and individualized, members of the AIM Team are constantly collecting quantitative and qualitative data assessing students' skills. In accordance with D127 policies and procedures, parents have total access to any of the data and documents listed below. Please contact your student's interventionist(s) or the Academic Intervention Coordinator to discuss your student's progress.

ongoing formative assessments

Formative Assessments

Embedded in every intervention session is a variety of opportunities for interventionists to assess how a student is progressing on a given skill. These may be pre/post tests, targeted practice, etc. These assessments may provide qualitative or quantitative data; all of this information is recorded by the interventionist.

star testing

STAR Reading & Math Testing

STAR Reading and Math tests are web-based, adaptive tests that help interventionists identify areas where a student may potentially have skill gaps. This is a 34-question multiple choice test that takes students approximately 30-40 minutes to complete. Students complete, at minimum, three STAR tests per semester. The goal for students on the STAR tests is to demonstrate grade-level proficiency.

sat suite of assessments

College Board Suite of Assessments

District 127 utilizes the College Board Suite of Assessments (PSAT 8/9, PSAT/NMSQT, SAT exams) to meet state and federal standardized testing mandates. Students take the grade-appropriate exam once a year. The AIM Team recognizes the high stakes nature of these assessments and use this data as another piece of the puzzle to determine a student's capabilities on grade level academic skills.

academic grades

Academic Course Grades

The AIM Team monitors student progress in their classes, with special emphasis on their core academic classes -- English, Social Studies, Math & Science. When students are struggling in their coursework, we strive to identify underlying reasons that may be preventing students from being successful and working to their full potential.