In the event of a school emergency situation, the District and school staff may use the following terms to ensure a common language. These terms are also used by local law enforcement.

Soft Lockdown:

Initiated when there is a potential threat outside the school or an investigation inside the school. A Soft Lockdown situation is a precautionary step.

  • Administration ensures all doors are locked; no one leaves or enters building

  • Listen for announcements that will provide directions and updates

  • Teachers take attendance and notify the attendance office of absent/missing students

  • Once precautions are in place teachers continue instruction, and students should remain in classes until further notice.

  • Listen for updates and other instructions

If outside, teachers collect students and wait for instructions from administration and security

If fire alarm is pulled during a soft lockdown, teachers wait for instructions from administration


Initiated when a hazard inside requires relocation outside of school

  • Teachers gather students and evacuate building

  • Follow directions on Emergency Procedure Sign located near door to the designated area

  • Walk students/staff to the nearest parking lot or grassy area adjacent to the building and a safe distance away from the hazard. Stay clear of roadways to allow for emergency vehicle movement

  • Take attendance. Notify attendance office of missing/extra students

  • Supervise students

  • Wait for instruction

Severe Weather:

Initiated when weather requires relocating within the school

  • Listen for severe weather announcement

  • Bring students into nearest hallway away from windows. Sit quietly in the hall with backs toward windows

  • Take attendance, notify attendance office of missing/extra students when safe to do so

  • If designated area is full, alternative approved areas within the building include first floor hallways away from doors and windows, bathrooms and inner offices

Active Threat (ALICE Emergency):

Initiated when there is a threat inside the school building. Students and staff will implement ALICE procedures as necessary. A.L.I.C.E. is an acronym that stands for:

ALERT: Get the word out that a threat exists. An alert may be over the announcement system, an unexplained loud noise. Use clear language and avoid code words.

LOCKDOWN: If evacuation is not a safe option, barricade entry points. Prepare to evacuate or counter if needed.

INFORM: Give constant, real-time information throughout the building using all available technology.

COUNTER: This is a last resort. Individuals are unable to escape. Countering may be as simple as creating a distraction to allow opportunities to escape.

EVACUATE: The goal is to move students out of the danger zone, using non-traditional exits if necessary. Move to rally points.

If outside, collect students and wait for instructions from administration and security. If fire alarm is pulled during an "Active Threat" situation, wait for instructions from administration.