Varsity Tutors: Free Online Tutoring for D127 Students

Through a partnership with Varsity Tutors, District 127 can offer students a variety of academic support options at no cost, including 24/7 chat tutoring in Spanish or English in any subject, SAT prep, essay review, and celebrity hosted on-demand courses, and more.  

  • A video describing how the chat feature works can be found here.  

  • Directions for how students can access Varsity Tutors from their Chromebook or phone is here and below.

  • A flyer describing the various free services is here.

Login Directions

  1. On the Clever login page, search for your school by typing in Grayslake, and then select your high school.

  2. Click “ Log in with Google” This will immediately log you into your Clever account.

  3. Once you have logged into Clever, click on the Varsity Tutors app link.

  4. If you are having trouble logging in to Varsity Tutors using your school Google email, please email a help ticket to