Incoming Freshmen: Course Selection Information

To assist students and caregivers in making well-informed decisions, please utilize the information on this page and join us for the Class of 2028 Open House on Thursday, January 18th, 2024, at Grayslake Central High School. On this night, each student will receive a personalized folder with detailed information. Then in late January, rising freshmen and school counselors will have individual appointments at each feeder school.

Welcome to the Ramily - we can’t wait to meet you!

Course Selection Process: A Video Overview

Update: New Dates for Grayslake Middle School Course Selection

The Grayslake Central counselors will now be conducting course selection meetings with Grayslake Middle School students on Thursday, February 1st and Friday, February 2nd at the CLC University Center.

*If you were originally scheduled to register on Monday, January 22nd, your new day to register is Friday, February 2nd at the same time listed in your packet.

*If you were originally scheduled to register on Tuesday, January 23rd, your new day to register is Thursday, February 1st at the same time listed in your packet.

Course Selection Process for Rising Freshmen

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I see "Rams Block 9" listed on my student's schedule as one of the periods. What is "Rams Block"?

A: In an effort to not disrupt instructional time and provide support for additional skills required for life-long success, this 90 minute block will provide time for students to access important support systems, resources and mandatory programming. Social-emotional curriculum, college planning, and other grade-level presentations will now be delivered during Rams Block. In addition, during days without presentations, this is flexible time that allows students to access resources available within the building (for example, AIM interventions, social workers, school counselors, dean of students, College and Career Center, teachers and academic resource centers, etc.) as well as providing time to collaborate with peers and engage in schoolwork, leadership and service opportunities, as well as club involvement without giving up their lunch to utilize these resources.

Attendance is required in Rams Block for all freshmen; however, upperclassmen can earn the privilege to leave campus during the Rams Block, with parent permission and meeting specific grade criteria (we call this open campus).

Q: Are there other variations of "Rams Block 9"?

A: Yes, while all freshmen are automatically enrolled in Rams Block 9, which caters programming to their needs, some freshmen may be enrolled in Rams Block - Band or after approximately six weeks of school, an academic intervention called Rams Block AIM Study.

  • Rams Block - Band: Members of the band and color guard will automatically be enrolled this course. During marching band season, this is when the band and color guard will practice together. Students will still attend all mandatory Rams Block lessons during this time.

  • Rams Block AIM Study: After approximately the first six weeks of school, some students may be switched from the Rams Block 9 to this specific section of Rams Block. It is an intervention provided by our Academic Intervention and Mentoring (AIM) program. Students may be scheduled in Rams Block AIM Study when they have multiple low grades (D and/or F). Rams Block AIM Study is a guided study hall, in lieu of a grade level Rams Block (Rams Block 9, 10, 11, or 12), which allows students to have quick and easy access to a variety of support systems at GCHS. At the heart of Rams Block AIM Study, though, is the focus on strengthening students' executive functioning skills. Through whole-class, small-group and 1-on-1 sessions, students develop strategies for organization, emotional regulation, self-advocacy, and study/testing skills.

    This period is scheduled in the place of a student's Ram Block period & allows them access to the MARC, Write Room & teachers' office hours. Students will still attend all mandatory Rams Block lessons during this time. Once all grades are C- or higher, students may request to return to their grade level Rams Block until the next Open Campus grade review.