Multicultural Clubs

GCHS wants all students to feel safe, welcomed, and celebrated. Our Multicultural groups contribute to the all inclusive goal of our building. All students are welcome in all organizations. The goal is to learn about other cultures and celebrate all of our students.

Black Student Union

The Black Student Union (BSU) is an organization dedicated to encouraging cultural diversity at GCHS, with special regard to students of African descent. We want to develope and strive for cross-cultural understanding and appreciation of all of our diverse histories and experiences.

Sponsor: Reggie McClure II

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International Club

International Club is comprised of students who are interested in both learning and spreading an understanding of the multicultural world. The students have a chance to meet people, explore world cultures, discuss international issues, and educate the school community about the many cultures that exist in our school. Members often participate in movie nights, international game and food events, arts and crafts activities, and travel to regional cultural events. In the spring, the students sponsor an International Night open to all.

Sponsor: Elle Ryan & Kalle Nelson

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This is the LGBTQ Alliance at the high school. This group attempts to create a safe environment and sense of community for all students. It encourages all students to attend in order to raise awareness, advocate, and socialize. SAGE is meeting in 2165 every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month from 3:30-4:15.

Sponsor: Elizabeth Ryan

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Sociedad de Latinos

Sociedad de Latinos celebrates Latino culture, supports the Latino student population, and spreads awareness regarding topics impacting the Latino population. Club members help with events such as Hispanic Heritage Month, cultural dance performances, community outreach, and fundraisers. The club is also involved in an annual dance co-sponsored with Grayslake North’s Latinos Stand Up club. Students of all backgrounds are welcome to join.

Sponsor: Kelly Martinez

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Spanish Club

Spanish Club membership is open to all current Grayslake Central students who are interested in exploring Hispanic culture. Spanish club members participate in many different school and cultural activities throughout the year. Our activities focus on foods and customs of the Spanish speaking world through the tasting/making of different foods, the making of holiday decorations and crafts, dancing, field trips and lots of fun. We meet every other week.

Sponsor: Missy Dodge

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