GCHS Science Course Resources + Enrichment

Welcome to Science Course Resources + Enrichment options at Grayslake Central High School!  Students enrolled in certain courses have some optional enrichment opportunities available.  These resources have been compiled to help students gain greater confidence in the content and skills that they will be practicing during the school year.  Exposure to these skills and topics will guide students in building a stronger foundation for future experiences.  

These enrichment opportunities are designed to be stand alone experiences to introduce concepts or skills without immediate direction or feedback from the teacher.  In some cases, students will be able to check their work or provide ideas that may be incorporated into instruction during the school year.  Additionally, students can choose the degree to which they want to complete these experiences based on their needs, time, and interest.  

Students can choose to access these materials over the summer. These same resources will be available to students throughout the year as well to support on-going learning.  While we strongly believe participation in these enrichment activities will improve student outcomes during the school year, they are not required, will not be graded, will not replace work expected during the school year, and will not have a direct impact on student grades.

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