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Courtney Plaza

Grayslake North Career Exploration & Internship Coordinator

847-986-3100 x3364


Dana Oddo

Grayslake Central Career Exploration & Internship Coordinator

847-986-3300 x3362

Are you interested in a career in science and/or medicine? Check out Rosalind Franklin's Summer program called Science Saturdays: Learn more and apply here!  Deadline is March 15th.




Are you interested in becoming a teacher?  Join Educators Rising to meet students just like you and to talk about a tough but extremely rewarding career!  Please fill out this form:  

educators rising club



Are you interested in learning more about CLC's Apprenticeship Program?  They have opportunities for you to LEARN at CLC for free and EARN money while you work in an apprenticeship in your area of interest.  These are the program options: