Family Consumer Science

The Family and Consumer Science program provides every student access to a variety of quality career and exploration opportunities that enables them to make informed occupation and life decisions.

Our culinary classes consist of culinary I and II, International Foods and Bakery. Through hands on applications our students learn practical life skills that prepare them for their future whether it be in their personal kitchen or for a career in the culinary arts.  Our curriculum is focused on hands-on learning; students work in their kitchens on a daily basis putting their learning into practice. Our comprehensive culinary activities include: Exotic Tastings, a Thanksgiving Feast, Outdoor BBQ, Cake Decorating, Gingerbread Houses, Cook-Off Challenges and so much more.

Another area of occupational interest is Early Childhood Studies with classes focused for students who are considering a future as an educator, social worker, counselor, nurse, or doctor.  Students learn about the growth and development of children from infancy to pre-teen. During the second semester, students apply their knowledge at local Elementary schools where they will have a unique opportunity to work directly with students in a classroom. 

Our Family Relations class provides an opportunity to learn about self-esteem, teen issues, coping skills, family relationships and social dynamics.  This class focuses on applying developmental theory to modern society and the issues that families face on a daily basis.